Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In Or Out?

I don't get "in" things. One day somebody mentions something, the next day, everything related to that is sold out in stores, then they soon become "out". like Uggs. The most popular girl in school is wearing them, and shows them off. Then, every kid is begging every possible penny out of their parents to get the Uggs. I mean no offense to the Ugg company, or the girls who do what i just typed above, its just my opinion. Some people may have reasons to get that item, too. not just to be popular like the others, and keep their rankings up. May be it's because they've always wanted them. Yeah, i may ask my parents for something someone at school is wearing, but i always check by asking this: would i still have this in public when they go "out". i'm sorry if you don't agree with me, and take this personally, but those who don't, it's good to be different. now, i'm not saying that to be different, you have to throw away your Uggs right now, just that you don't always have to blend in.

The Greenest our School Gets Is the Hotdogs

Well, my school is always big about being a "green" school, and we've got one thing going for us; green hot dogs. If you are smart, you would pack your own lunch, or have leftovers, ANYTHING other than buying a hot lunch.Well, if the lunch is still hot. Obviously, the orange chicken nuggets are out. The oily pizza is a positive no. So that leaves the popcorn chicken bought from KFC. The choices for some healthy fruits or vegatables is way far from healthy. The baked beans are more bean juice with a side of beans, instead of beans with a side of bean juice. Cucumbers are normally my favorite, but after seeing my school's rotten ones, I've kinda changed my mind. Oooh, this sounds appetizing!...a bloody orange! On to the drinks.about an inch tall, half filled carton of juice, some warm milk too! Man, I know our school isn't the richest out there, but I swear this stuff can kill us!!!! Woo hoo...... dessert. Some pretty......interesting choices. Melted ice cream, rock hard cookies, old chips......delicious! So, the only thing that keeps my school passing the health inspection, is that there are no health inspections. If there was, this school would have been shut down before I was born. So, if I were you, a school made lunch isn't  the best choice, cause you might as well just go to KFC, since our school sells their food, cause at least it would be warm.